Gynaec Cancer- How can it happen to me? NO, it Can’t

The issue about Gynaecological cancers is: Our society (how modern it may be) is still not very comfortable to talk about gynaec problems routinely. Our Women still consider it a taboo and hesitate to consult gynaecologist for any gynaec problem, thus tends to delay as far as possible.

Sometimes it may actually become difficult for them to understand what is normal and what is NOT NORMAL about their body. To further add to this confusion, some of the symptoms associated with gynaec cancers are vague and thus, difficult to be appreciated.    

So what to do?

The primary thing is to confide in your senses. In the event that you feel something isn’t right, seek after it.

The symptoms can be very non specific like bloating sensation in abdomen that is not diet related, discomfort or pain in lower abdomen and pain during sex.

Also, sometimes you might need to pee more frequently or might face problem in passing stools for couple of days. Also, you may have bleeding in between your menstrual days or for older women, after having menopause.

For older women (sometimes for younger women too), a persistent itching in vulvar area (hair bearing area surrounding urethra, vaginal opening and anal opening) can be very discomforting. If ignored initially, (it) results in non-healing and painful ulcers.

The key note is: Try to know your own body as better as possible with self examination and with the help of routine check-ups (called as screening tests). And if you have any vague symptoms not going away easily, go and consult your doctor.