How can we Avoid Gynaec Cancers?

Lifestyle modifications have a major role to play in prevention of gynaec cancers.

First and foremost, every woman must know what is normal about her body and thus, needs to be vigilant about her health. Do not ignore any symptoms, even if they are embarrassing and don’t seem like much. If the symptoms are persistent, go and see your doctor. Early diagnosis is the sole key for proper and definite cure of cancer.

Regular physical activity and weight management is not only important for mental well being but also a key to keep cancer at bay. As have already mention in another blog, obesity is a major risk factor for uterine cancer, thus, maintaining proper BMI (body mass index) with the help of healthy diet and regular exercise is must.

HPV vaccination is very effective against cervical cancer and is highly recommended for girls between 9-14 years (to be maximum benefitted).However, it can be taken upto 45 years of age. It should be very clear that despite being vaccinated, it is very much essential to still undergo regular pap smear testing as HPV vaccine covers HPV 16 and HPV 18 which are responsible for 70% of cervical cancer. 30% still remain uncovered and thus, needs screening.