Why we need to know about cancer?

Cancer is one issue that nobody wants to talk about routinely, perhaps more OPENLY. Sometimes, it seems reasonable to pretend it doesn’t exist, or it won’t affect you, it’s exactly this attitude responsible for year by year increase in cancer rates. And, let me tell you all: cancer has been tightening its nose across India as recent reports bring to light some really staggering figures.

Do you know: about 40% of men and women in India will be diagnosed with cancer at some point of time in their life. This means about 14 lakhs people are currently living with cancer and about seven lakh are being diagnosed with cancer every year.

And the major contribution (about 40%) to this massacre has been from the state of Haryana.

According to National Cancer Registry: For every two women diagnosed with breast cancer one dies, while every 8 minutes, one women dies of cervical cancer. YES, YOU READ IT RIGHTLY.

So, what does all of this actually mean?

We all really need to give some serious air time to the disease called CANCER